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Livrare gratuită și în siguranță

Livrarea este gratuită în toată România, livrăm cu propriul nostru serviciu de transport pentru a asigura ajungerea in siguranță a produselor comandate.

Plata la livrare

Fără avans sau plată înainte! Plătiți cash sau cu card bancar la livrare. Plata în rate disponibilă.

Retur 365 de zile

Dacă nu sunteți 100% mulțumit de produs puteți returna în decurs de 365 de zile și primiți integral banii înapoi.

100.000 piese diferite

Scopul nostru este ca sortimentele noastre să fie cele dorite din România.

Cel mai bun preț garantat

Lucrăm direct cu producătorii și încercăm să oferim cele mai bune prețuri, dacă găsiți produsul mai ieftin vom egala prețul și vom livra gratuit.

1 comandă = 1 copac

Pentru fiecare comandă plasată și livrată noi vom planta un copac. Cu ajutorul tău vom planta milioane de copaci!

In English

Our website does not currently have an English version, but we would be glad to help you to place an order or answer your questions in english by email [email protected] or phone 0739 844 766.



We offer our customers one of the fastest deliveries on the market - we ship on average in less than 13 business days (each piece of furniture has a certain estimated delivery time that is specified in the product description). If possible, we try to shorten this time. Most of the time we deliver the furniture to our customers at the right time for them.

  • All orders are delivered for free in the entire country to your address (or to the nearest place our van can reach) with our own dedicated transport to ensure the safe arrival of Your furniture.
  • For an additional fee of 70 Lei the courier can bring your furniture in to the apartment.
  • Furniture is usually delivered in a flat package. Assembly instructions are in the package.
The day before delivery, we contact our customers to agree on the delivery time.

In the product description, you usually find an estimated delivery time for the package that is calculated from the order confirmation, ie when the order is checked and confirmed on the phone. We will inform you by e-mail and SMS about the approval and processing of the order. You can follow your orders here.

When you accept delivery or collection of goods ordered, you can check their status and after signing the receipt. If during delivery of the goods you notice any defect in the appearance of the furniture or missing parts of the furniture, be sure to specify this on your invoice, delivery note and other transfer documents. If you notice these issues later, call us at 0739 844 766 or send us an email at [email protected] .

If you make a cash payment, make sure you have the exact amount indicated on your order upon receipt of the order.



Payment can be done using the following methods:

  • Cash on delivery;
  • Credit or debit card on delivery;
  • Pay with card online;
  • Bank transfer;

No prepayment! You can pay on the time of delivery. If your order is send to foreign country by 3rd party transport company, payment is required to be done before the order is dispatched from our warehouse.

Cash on delivery. For your convenience, we offer you the way to pay for products in a very simple way - cash. So, you can pay cash on delivery, not when you place your order. During delivery, the driver will give you a payment receipt and a VAT invoice for your order.

Credit or debit card on delivery. There is always the possibility to pay by credit card or debit on delivery. The driver will give you a card reader and will be able to scan the card to make it easy to pay right away. The driver will give you the transaction receipt and the VAT invoice.

Payment with card online. Using this method after placing the order you will be redirected to a secure payment window. Once you have filled out the information and made the payment you will be returned to the site and your order will be placed. The driver will deliver the tax invoice for the purchased products.

Bank transfer. Once you've selected this form of payment, you'll be able to transfer the money to our bank account in the usual way up to the day of delivery (unless otherwise agreed). Mark the order number in the reporting field during the transaction (for example # 123456)

  • Addressee: Mobilier1 Concept SRL
  • Tax Code: 39413592
  • Account number: RO30RNCB0090159344320001
  • At details: Your order number


Returns and refunds

All our products are warranted, if you notice any manufacturing defects or shipping , we will solve the problem by ordering replacement parts under warranty, replacing the product with a new one or returning your money back. All you have to do, if you can, is to send us emails with defects or damage to the product, so it's easier to fix the problem and make it faster. All warranty information can be obtained at 0739 844 766 or by email at [email protected].


Mobilier1.ro 365 days money return guarantee

Unlike many other online and conventional stores, if you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of your product, you can return it within 365 calendar days (yes, a whole year!) And get all your money back. We will get personally to get the furniture and all the return costs will be covered by us. The following conditions must be met when products are returned:

  • When returning the product, this must be in its original packaging (you can cut off the packaging tape that keeps the packs closed for product inspection).
  • The assembled good quality products can not be returned.
  • The product must not have been damaged by the customer.
  • In cases where the reason for returning the product is poor quality, we take responsibility for changing the product to a good quality product or returning the money paid.
  • The product must be tradable (labels, safety packages must not be damaged) (this paragraph does not apply if the product is returned due to poor construction).
  • The returned product must have all units and packages as received.
  • Returned goods will be received from the nearest space that our trucks can reach.
  • We are obliged to make the return of the goods within 20 working days, unless otherwise settled. Money can be returned via bank transfer to the customer's account. Money is reimbursed only for the product and not for the paid services.


24 month quality guarantee

Each product sold by Epipla1.gr has its basic properties listed in the description. All products sold by Epipla1.gr are warranted by the manufacturer, the terms and conditions of which you can read in the product description and warranty sheets. After purchasing one of these products, make a careful inspection before assembling. Warranty Terms:

  • During the assembly process, the customer must follow the assembly instructions.
  • The product was used for the intended purpose, working in a shift and maintained in accordance with the rules of supervision.
  • The warranty applies to defects in product quality due to the manufacturer's fault and the seller's carriage. Buyers lose their warranty rights in these cases:
  • The buyer did not comply with the rules for the maintenance and supervision of furniture.
  • The products have been damaged by the buyer.
  • Furniture has not been subjected to force majeure.

Regarding the displayed defects in the use of furniture, please let us know by using the following contacts provided on Mobilier1.ro. During the warranty period, all mismatches of quality and quantity are resolved by Mobilier1.ro. Corrections or replacements in products or pieces of appropriate quality are covered at the expense of the company. Epipla1.gr is required to resolve the warranty in 20-45 business days from the date of the warranty. In the case, after you buy one of these products and notice that it is of poor quality, you have the right to return the product to us within 24 months from the date of delivery. The products are also received free of charge with our carrier. In this case, poor product quality changes to a good quality or a full refund is issued for the purchase. During the warranty (24 months), after observing the hidden construction defects, please take pictures and send them to [email protected] . The manufacturer will decide whether the guarantee will be applied - that is, the defect occurred during construction or for other reasons. You will be informed about the manufacturer's decision through the communication lines we provide. Please note that:

  • The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to physically damaged pieces of furniture or fabrics.
  • If the reason for returning furniture is bad quality, we have to replace poor quality furniture to a satisfactory quality or return the money you paid.



Do you have questions? Want to place an order?

You would like to return your furniture? Noticed any manufacturing defects or damage? Don’t worry — we will resolve any problems together! Email us [email protected].

If after unpacking your furniture you encountered manufacturing defects or transport damages, don’t worry. If you have a chance, take pictures of the defects and e-mail them to us. It is more likely that we will be able to resolve the issue sooner this way :)

We are trying to make the process of buying furniture smoother. We want to live up to our clients’ expectations. That’s why your opinion matters to us. If you have any remarks, feedback, complaints or suggestions, please write to us at [email protected]. This is very important to us!


You want to pay for your order?

Use the following details for the bank transfer:
Receiver: Mobilier1 Concept SRL
Addressee: Mobilier1 Concept SRL
IBAN: RO30RNCB0090159344320001
Reference: Order Number (e.g., # 123456)


Company details:

Mobilier1 Concept SRL
CIF: 39413592
VAT: RO39413592
IBAN RO30RNCB0090159344320001
[email protected]
0739 844 766